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Awareness and Awakening walk hand in hand, so we could not miss a test dedicated to this phenomenon of psycho-spiritual nature. What, then, is meant by Awakening? It is a manifestation of consciousness, the origin of which lies in the need of our soul-spiritual component to transcend the purely egoic and material level of earthly experience.
In order to understand this, we must first accept the fact that we are spiritual beings embodied in a physical entity, which inevitably ends up becoming a prison. Our ethereal component is in fact immortal, and as such conceives neither birth nor death. The process of Awakening begins at the moment when the mind, with its ego, gives way to this multidimensional part of us.
At that instant a process of reworking reality begins, upsetting every certainty taken for granted up to that point. The path of awakening, if authentic and not the result of a deception of the mind, can only go in one direction and turning back is no longer possible.
It should be added that the journey to spiritual awakening is entirely subjective, although some stages are common to all, for example that of disillusionment, subsequently followed by the revision and reprocessing of the many securities taken for granted up to that point, but only now, for the first time, screened through the filter of consciousness. The Awakened One is he/she who has stopped being driven by the autopilot of the mind to personally take control of his/her existence.
So, where do you stand on the journey to Awakening?

Are you a spiritual seeker? Our test will help you understand what path you are on.
This is a DEMO consisting of 6 questions selected from 27 in total.
Results will be displayed in a summary but still indicative manner.
Furthermore, you will receive a certificate of awakening directly in your email box.
No registration required.
The full version of the test can be found here: Awakening Test – full. The Test of Awakening - are you awakened?

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Awakening Test Demo


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1. Have you ever found yourself observing things and people as if you were not part of the context?

Sphere of interest: Symptomatology

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2. To build a better world, one must continue to struggle with perseverance and confidence. What's your opinion?

Sphere of interest: Detachment

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3. Which type of society do you prefer among those described below?

Sphere of interest: Inconvenience

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4. Choose the statement that best describes your relationship with death:

Sphere of interest: Detachment

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5. Regarding your family, have you ever perceived yourself as a black sheep?

Sphere of interest: Detachment

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6. Have you ever completely revised certain beliefs/ideas you had before?

Sphere of interest: Disillusionment

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