What makes our Personality Tests special

features of our semi-professional tests

If you are wondering why you should buy one or more of our tests, we have all the answers you are looking for.
Let’s start with the elements that make our tests special compared to the free ones you can find on the web:

1) they provide non-trivial questions
2) answers are introspective
3) results are varied
4) they involve the sending of a detailed report via email
5) they include the sending of a personalized certificate
6) they offer in-depth articles
7) they are suitable for audiences of all ages *

Let’s go into details.
The uniqueness of our tests lies in the answers and resulting profiles. Responses are qualitative and introspective, whereas most of the free tests offer quantitative answers (none – a little – enough – a lot).

question with qualitative answers

The resulting profiles are detailed and in direct correlation with the given answers. There are also some graphs showing the distribution of profiles among the users who performed our tests.
At the end of each test, you will receive directly in your email box a complete report of your result (questions, answers, score, etc.) with the addition of a special attachment, namely the certificate of participation.

certificate of personality john smith

Compared with other paid tests, we can say that ours:

8) have a lower price
9) offer a demo version
10) may be repeated multiple times
11) are serious but not boring
12) are unique in their kind
13) don’t require user registration

All these features make our products semi-professional. The only difference from professional tests lies in the fact that human supervision is missing. This allows the user to search for information on the Internet while taking the quiz, as well as to repeat it more than once, which is not allowed in a controlled professional-type environment. Other than that, our tests are as good as the far more expensive ones offered by specialized associations and institutes. Plus, they are fun!

As a final thing, unlike any other free or paid test or quiz, at the end of each of our tests you will find a couple of links to in-depth articles written specifically for those who wish to investigate the topics involved more deeply. For example, at the end of the mental age quiz you will be offered an article titled as follows: Age is just a state of mind. The more curious and avid readers will surely appreciate this little addition.

in-depth articles

The Awareness Test is exclusive to us. The other seemingly similar questionnaires found on the web are often trivial games. Try them and you’ll see. Then come back here and take our Awareness Test, that way you will appreciate it for sure. Our advice is to take it a first time with commitment and seriousness in order to get a fitting and satisfactory result, and then take it a second and third time providing different answers, with the purpose of exploring other profiles (7 in total).

The Awakening Test is also unique and serves as a complement to the Awareness Test. You can buy it individually, but if you do so, you’ll surely feel like taking the Awareness Test immediately afterwards.

The Great Personality Test investigates psychological traits in depth, examining the innermost corners of the psyche. What makes it unique? First, the amount of questions available: as many as 65. This allows new questions to be introduced on the second and third attempts, with the purpose of elaborating on certain previously given answers. The self-calibrating feature generates more accurate results attempt after attempt. We recommend repeating The Great Personality Test three times. Another distinguishing feature is our test’s ability to combine 80 enunciations with each other, producing in the end a dense description of your personality that becomes more accurate every time you take the test.

all our semi-professional tests

The Mental Age Test is different from other free tests of the same genre because, while it has a hilarious setting, it offers results that are serious at times and prickly at others. The built-in artificial intelligence (PersonalityHPT) gives our test a futuristic yet quirky feel. Try it to believe.

We now come to the The Logical Intelligence Test. Unlike other related tools, ours does not have a time limit, thus leaving the user with the freedom to answer all the 35 questions provided. The time spent taking the test, however, will be shown at the end. The standard time limit, in order to be included in the monthly ranking, is 20 minutes.

Then, we have The Youth Wisdom Test. Specially designed for children and young people between the ages of 9 and 15, and featuring a setting that is both educational and fun, this 20-question quiz is intended to probe the level of maturity and general culture of young individuals. It is inspired by Greek mythology, associating each resulting profile with a mythological deity or character, while not neglecting modernity by additionally providing a commentary by our brand new artificial intelligence.

Since we don’t want to lack anything, we have also developed our own quick version of The MBTI 16-Personality Test. It is the quickest character assessment in the world while being fairly accurate, with a completion time not exceeding 3 minutes.

To end on a high note, we’re saving a surprise for you: The Impossible Quiz! We named it so because it is complicated to say the least. By now you may be wondering why to venture into this endeavor; simple: solve the impossible quiz and in return you’ll get a prize of your choice between: a 25% discount on our tests, or a free test.

mental age test example result awareness test example result awakening test example result great personality test example result iq logical intelligence test example result youth wisdom test example result

About Inclusivity: All tests and quizzes developed by us are gender neutral and designed to ensure impartiality and equality among all genders. Their aim is to assess personality traits and subjective peculiarities without favoring one gender over the other. Our assessments focus on covering a wide range of human characteristics without perpetuating any kind of stereotype. This methodology ensures that the results are an authentic representation of an individual’s personality, regardless of their gender identity.

* Our products feature elegant language free of vulgar or offensive terms, present images suitable for audiences of all ages, and always seek to offer constructive food for thought. In particular, the wisdom test, the mental age test, the great personality test and the impossible quiz manage to entertain and amuse even the youngest ones.