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The concept of wisdom has fascinated philosophers and thinkers since time immemorial, but what is it exactly? What makes a person wise? Wisdom is essentially an abstract ideal, though one that is endowed with tangible repercussions on everyday life. First of all, it is necessary to make a distinction between knowledge and wisdom. A learned person is one who possesses a lot of knowledge and numerous notions in various fields, and can answer precise questions. Thus, the learned person is eclectic, unlike the specialist who knows a certain subject very well but shows gaps in other areas.
The wise, or sage, on the contrary, is not necessarily endowed with an exterminated notional culture like the learned, however, he is able to deal with any subject. What, then, does the sage have over and above the learned? The sage is a philosopher, and he is one in the broadest sense of the term. He is constantly asking questions, although his aim is not to find answers but to seek truth. The sage does not get carried away by the current, by trends, by the ups and downs of human evolution. The wise man is indifferent, although in the positive sense of the word. His awareness comes from a deep understanding of human beings and not so much from the study of the various disciplines. His vision is broader, in some ways even transcendental.
So, do you also feel like an evolving little sage? In any case, we are sure you will find our test at least amusing, in fact you should know that we developed it with the younger generation in mind and updated it with our absolutely special artificial intelligence, capable even of ironic jokes. Each resulting profile is represented by a character from Greek mythology, since we believe that great truths and wisdom reside in ancient knowledge. Ancient mythology and artificial intelligence in the same quiz. Amazing! Isn’t it?
Have a fun time, then!

Get an assessment of your level of wisdom/maturity while having fun.
Mostly suitable for children and teens up to 15 years of age, yet open to everyone.
The demo offers a selection of 5 questions out of 20, with many response options.
This is a hilarious but also serious and accurate quiz.
The results page shows a brief summary of the full version.
After completing the test you will receive a certificate of wisdom in your mailbox.
No registration required.
The full version of the test can be found here: Youth Wisdom Test – full. how wise and mature are you?

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Wisdom Test Demo


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1. How do you feel about becoming an adult and having to make do?

becoming adult so many problems

Category: individual maturity

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2. As you sow, so ..... complete the sentence:

as you sow so ....

Category: general knowledge and history

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3. What is happiness for you?

what is happiness

Category: individual maturity

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4. In your group of friends, do you prefer talking or listening?

talking or listening

Category: social maturity

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5. Last question before discovering the result! How old are you?

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