About Us

The staff of The Spiritual Seek consists of a small group of people with interests and expertise ranging from the field of clinical psychology to philosophical-spiritual research. Ours is a young, growing project, born only in 2024, although it was in the works long before that. We are also passionate about technology and seek to promote its conscious and moderate use; katà métron, as the ancient Greek philosophers would have said. Current technological availability has finally allowed us to bring online, accessible to everyone, these unique tools of inner inquiry.

picture of the staff

The idea behind this website and related APP stems precisely from the desire to unite technology, knowledge and awareness in one project. Can technology and spiritual research go together? We think so, or at least we believe that certain technological tools can become useful means for the purpose of inner evolution and, more generally, for knowing ourselves better.

Our tests are intended to offer food for thought and an incentive to work on oneself, while not neglecting the playful aspect. We believe that the psychological-spiritual voyage must necessarily be accompanied by a hilarious component, which is essential to being able to get involved and embark on
a path of change. We would like to accompany people for a few moments during their existential journey, hoping that they can come to know themselves better, as our motto states: nosce te ipsum.