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Human personality has a myriad of facets, some of which are quite difficult to measure through a standard questionnaire with quantitative answers (e.g., little – enough – much). For this reason we decided to create a more sophisticated instrument, namely a test consisting of as many as 64 questions, each of which offers 5 reasoned responses. In this way the user will be stimulated to carefully examine the various options instead of opting for an instinctive and mechanical choice.
Our unique personality questionnaire takes its inspiration from the Myers-Briggs indicator, recovering from it the fundamental idea of the 16 character traits, but reworking it in a modern way and thus giving an engaging experience to younger people as well.
In addition, our test has an absolutely unique feature: self-calibration. This feature performs best on the second and third attempts. We therefore recommend repeating the test 3 times to get a tailor-made result. Unlike other personality tests, we are confident that ours will manage to entertain and surprise you at the same time with its effectiveness.
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This psychological investigation tool is unique.
It updates itself after the first attempt and will provide different questions if repeated.
The result will undergo a self-calibration process reaching maximum accuracy on the third attempt.
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There are 64 questions in total, and their goal is to probe the 16 major personality traits:
1. Sociability (unsociability —> expansiveness)
2. Rationality (irrationality —> rationality)
3. Emotionality (impulsiveness —> self-control)
4. Perfectionism (carelessness —> fussiness)
5. Liveliness (laziness —> dynamism)
6. Extroversion (introversion —> extroversion)
7. Conscientiousness (recklessness —> judiciousness)
8. Sensitivity (insensitivity —> sensitivity)
9. Tolerance (indulgence —> strictness)
10. Creativity (conventionality —> originality)
11. Sagacity (naivety —> shrewdness)
12. Self-confidence (insecurity —> self-confidence)
13. Autonomy (obedience —> self-determination)
14. Spirituality (materialism —> spirituality)
15. Irony (seriousness —> childishness)
16. Selfishness (egocentrism —> altruism)

You will receive, as always, an exclusive certificate of personality in your email box.
It is recommended to think carefully about the various answers before choosing.
Conducting the test including 3 consecutive attempts takes about 30 minutes.
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Suitable for audiences of all ages.
You can try the free DEMO before you buy the test, here: Great Personality Test Demo. The Great Personality Test - 16 Traits Myers-Briggs

Personality tests are usually of two types: 1) boring and repetitive; 2) frivolous and inaccurate.
Aware of this phenomenon, we developed a personality test unlike any other, based on qualitative and reasoned responses instead of the usual graded scales which are difficult to interpret and not always relevant (e.g., nothing/some/quite/very much). The great personality test proposes “only” 17 questions, which deprives it of the boring factor. At the same time, it is capable of adapting to the answers given by the user in case it is repeated, increasing its accuracy from time to time through the introduction of new questions. This makes it one of the most serious and accurate personality assessments among those available online, but without the boredom of answering an endless number of questions in a single session.
In addition, if you wish to eviscerate the topic of personality assessment, you will find an excellent follow-up article at the end of the test.

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The Great Personality Test

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1. Do you ever feel the desire to spend time alone?

Personality trait under examination: Sociability
The two extremes are: unsociability and expansiveness.

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2. After arguing with someone, perhaps for trivial reasons, what do you think?

Personality trait under examination: Rationality
The two extremes are: irrationality and rationality.

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3. You are in the checkout line when someone walks past you pretending not to be noticed. What is your first reaction?

Personality trait under examination: Emotionality
The two extremes are: impulsiveness and self-control.

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4. Reprocessing the past helps you understand your mistakes to improve in the present. Do you agree?

Personality trait under examination: Perfectionism
The two extremes are: carelessness and fussiness.

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5. When reading a sentence within a book, you encounter a term you do not know the meaning of. What do you do?

Personality trait under examination: Liveliness
The two extremes are: laziness and dynamism.

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6. How does the idea of public speaking affect you?

Personality trait under examination: Extroversion
The two extremes are: introversion and extroversion.

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7. Have you ever thought about the potential consequences of habits you practice every day, such as driving, using mechanical tools, posting information online?

Personality trait under examination: Conscientiousness
The two extremes are: recklessness and judiciousness.

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8. Do you ever cry from joy or sorrow?

Personality trait under examination: Sensitivity
The two extremes are: insensitivity and sensitivity.

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9. Do you easily forget the wrongs you have received?

Personality trait under examination: Tolerance
The two extremes are: strictness and indulgence.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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10. You are asked to do a job that requires the application of strict and precise rules, but you find that it could be done differently. How do you behave?

Personality trait under examination: Creativity
The two extremes are: conventionality and originality.

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11. When someone makes fun of you, do you tend to fall for it easily?

Personality trait under examination: Sagacity
The two extremes are: naivety and shrewdness.

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12. How do you react when a person in a position of authority (ex: a parent, a superior at work) disrespects you, perhaps without doing it on purpose?

Personality trait under examination: Self-confidence
The two extremes are: insecurity and self-confidence.

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13. Sink drain suddenly clogs, what do you do?

Personality trait under examination: Autonomy
The two extremes are: obedience and self-determination.

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14. Here are 5 groups of concepts and practical actions. Choose the one you find most interesting:

Personality trait under examination: Spirituality
The two extremes are: materialism and spirituality.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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15. Do you enjoy witty jokes during conversations?

Personality trait under examination: Irony
The two extremes are: seriousness and childishness.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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16. Would you be willing, in exchange for a large personal benefit and the certainty of not being discovered, to endanger someone?

Personality trait under examination: Selfishness
The two extremes are: egocentrism and altruism.

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17. Final question. What age group do you fall into?

Age also has a significant influence on personality

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