Terms & Conditions

The website named The Spiritual Seek, which can be reached at https://spiritualseek.online, or through the iOS-Android Apps named “Spiritual Personality Tests” – “The Spiritual Seek“, offers semi-professional psychological survey tools suitable for audiences of all ages. Each of our tests, available in both English and Italian, includes a free demonstration version (demo) and a full paid version.

The tests on this website are copyrighted, so their reproduction and use outside the spiritualseek.online domain are prohibited.
The staff shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the services contained on this website, or anywhere other than this website.

All our paid tests have a free demo.
Demos require an unlocking password to be used.
The password must be requested by filling out a brief survey and providing a valid email address.
No registration or any type of payment is required.
Each free demo can be used 2 times in total, then it will become inaccessible.
The form to request access to the demos can be found here: demo access.

As of today (July 21, 2024), the products usable in both demonstration and paid versions are the following:
1) Awareness Test – $6.00
2) Awakening Test – $5.00
3) Great Personality Test – $6.00
4) Logical Intelligence Test – $5.00
5) Youth Wisdom Test – $4.00
6) Mental Age Test – $4.00

Each test can be taken a maximum of 3 times, after which it will become inaccessible. Only exception:
– The Great Personality Test (4 times)

>> We have an active promotion with 67% discount: All 6 Tests for $9.99 instead of $30.00.

All credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) except for disposable cards are accepted, as well as Paypal payment system.
Payment functionality is managed by Stripe.com.

The products completely free and without trial version, are:
7) Impossible Quiz – FREE
8) 16 Personality Types Test – FREE
9) Mini Self-Assessment Tests – FREE

Payment must be made in advance; once completed, a thank-you page containing the unlocking password will be presented.
Users are advised to save the password on their device before closing the thank-you page.
Important: Please provide a valid email address during checkout, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve your passwords for the tests if you lose them, nor will you be able to receive the passwords for future tests that you are entitled to by purchasing the 6-test package.

Payment entitles the purchaser to use only the test purchased, for a maximum of 3 times (4 for the Great Personality Test).
Important: The attempt count begins when you click the START button located within each test.
The password is only valid for the test in the selected language. To take the same test in another language, a second purchase is needed.
No registration is required to take the tests, only the unlocking passwords are needed.
After password expiration, if the user wishes to take a test again, he/she should reach us by filling out the contact form.
If you have lost your password, please follow the instructions provided here: password lost?

At the end of each test, an email containing a detailed summary of the result obtained, along with a personalized certificate of participation with name, age, and other information regarding the said test and the score achieved, will automatically be sent to the user.
Please keep in mind that the certificate will be sent only to those who have entered a valid email address in the appropriate form presented at the end of any test. Since this is optional information, those who leave the field blank or provide an incorrect address will not receive the summary email.

Following the completion of each test, a personalized friend code will be proposed on the results page. The user (called the proposer) will be able to send it to third parties, asking them to take our tests (on the App or Website). They may subsequently enter the said code in the appropriate field presented at the end of any test. 20 entries by 20 paying users will entitle the proposer to choose from an Amazon or Netflix voucher worth $50. The proposer will be contacted by The Spiritual Seek’s staff at the email address provided when taking the tests and be asked which voucher they want. Of course, if the proposer has not provided a valid email address, the promotion will not be successful.

This is a publicly available puzzle whose completion entitles the user to take a full test of their choice for free. Alternatively, the user can choose an additional 25% discount on the already discounted 6-test package. The impossible quiz can be taken a maximum of 10 times, after which it will become inaccessible. The time limit for completing it is 3 minutes. The user will have to provide a valid email address at the end of the game; after successfully completing it, they will need to send a message to our staff via contact form. In the message, they will have to provide the email address used during the quiz and specify the name of the test to receive as a prize. The staff will perform the appropriate checks and respond to the given address, providing the password to access the chosen test.
If the user has already requested and obtained a free test through the impossible quiz, they will not be able to get a second one by leaving their review on the official App of The Spiritual Seek. The conditions for receiving a full personality test in exchange for a review are described in the next point.

Our users have the opportunity to take a full test for free in exchange for a little courtesy, which consists of installing our official App on their device, trying it out, and finally leaving a review on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Each user can only get one personality test for free, so leaving two or more reviews does not entitle the user to obtain a second full test. Similarly, if the user has already requested and obtained a free test through this method, the eventual completion of the impossible quiz will not entitle the user to get a second personality test, while the 25% discount will still apply. After sending one’s request to the staff, they will decide, at their discretion, whether or not to grant the password needed to take the full test requested by the user.

The buyer may claim a refund in the following cases:
1) if, due to a demonstrable malfunction of the website, a test could not be completed;
2) if, by mistake, the purchaser has made a payment two or more times.
To exercise your right of withdrawal and request a refund, you must email the staff via the form located here: Contacts.

Personal data collected from this website (Name, Email Address, Age) will only be used for statistical purposes (such as charting) and to send a personalized certificate of participation following completion of one or more of our tests.
Under no circumstances will this data be sent or given to third parties, nor will it be used for any commercial purposes other than promoting the tests contained on this website. For more information, see the Privacy Policy.
Credit card and other payment details will not be recorded, as these are processed by a financial institution external to our website (stripe.com). Please refer to the policy of Stripe.com to obtain more information.

See the FAQ for more information on payment, discounts, passwords, and how the personality tests work.