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Human personality has a myriad of facets, some of which are quite difficult to measure through a standard questionnaire with quantitative answers (e.g., little – enough – much). For this reason we decided to create a more sophisticated instrument, namely a test consisting of as many as 65 questions, each of which offers 5 reasoned responses. In this way the user will be stimulated to carefully examine the various options instead of opting for an instinctive and mechanical choice.
Our unique personality questionnaire takes its inspiration from the Myers-Briggs indicator, recovering from it the fundamental idea of the 16 character traits, but reworking it in a modern way and thus giving an engaging experience to younger people as well.
In addition, our test has an absolutely unique feature: self-calibration. This feature performs best on the second and third attempts. We therefore recommend repeating the test 3 times to get a tailor-made result. Unlike other personality tests, we are confident that ours will manage to entertain and surprise you at the same time with its effectiveness.
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This psychological investigation tool is unique.
It updates itself after the first attempt and will provide different questions if repeated.
The result will undergo a self-calibration process reaching maximum accuracy on the third attempt.
This trial version contains 5 questions out of 65 in total.
Its goal is to probe the 16 major personality traits:
1. Sociability (unsociability —> expansiveness)
2. Rationality (irrationality —> rationality)
3. Emotionality (impulsiveness —> self-control)
4. Perfectionism (carelessness —> fussiness)
5. Liveliness (laziness —> dynamism)
6. Extroversion (introversion —> extroversion)
7. Conscientiousness (recklessness —> judiciousness)
8. Sensitivity (insensitivity —> sensitivity)
9. Tolerance (indulgence —> strictness)
10. Creativity (conventionality —> originality)
11. Sagacity (naivety —> shrewdness)
12. Self-confidence (insecurity —> self-confidence)
13. Autonomy (obedience —> self-determination)
14. Spirituality (materialism —> spirituality)
15. Irony (seriousness —> childishness)
16. Selfishness (egocentrism —> altruism)

You will receive, as always, an exclusive certificate of personality in your email box.
No registration required.
Suitable for audiences of all ages.
This is the DEMO version of the Great Personality Test, counting only a few questions.
The full version can be found here: The Great Personality Test – full. The Great Personality Test - 16 Traits Myers-Briggs

Full test result (example)
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The Great Personality Test Demo


Read all answers carefully before choosing

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1. How many friends do you think you have?

Personality trait under examination: Sociability
The two extremes are: unsociability and expansiveness.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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2. You are presented with an unexpected danger that could cause you serious harm if you do not react quickly. What is your first reaction?

Personality trait under examination: Rationality
The two extremes are: irrationality and rationality.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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3. You are in the checkout line when someone walks past you pretending not to be noticed. What is your first reaction?

Personality trait under examination: Emotionality
The two extremes are: impulsiveness and self-control.

Read all answers carefully before choosing

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4. Evening comes, you mentally review what you have done during the day and realize you have overlooked things. What is your first thought?

Personality trait under examination: Perfectionism
The two extremes are: carelessness and fussiness.

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5. Final question. What age group do you fall into?

Age also has a significant influence on personality

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