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Are you looking for high-level personality tests? Serious and not trivial, fun and accurate at the same time?
We have the App you are looking for!

Our semi-professional psychological tests have it all: they are challenging, fun and exclusive.
Each one has a feature that makes it unique or at least special compared to the competition.

Most of the free personality quizzes you can find online offer a poor, quantitative selection of answers (a little – enough – a lot).
Our personality quizzes, on the other hand, feature qualitative, reasoned answers.

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The famous Mental Age Test will tell you what kind of mindset you possess, and it will do so in a way that is both playful and biting at the same time. And from today even with the help of a very special artificial intelligence (PersonalityHPT), which, for sure, will succeed in surprising you. Fun is guaranteed!

The unique Awareness Test will probe the meanderings of your consciousness to detect the breadth of your view of the world.
With targeted questions and complex answers that will force you to pay close attention, with the goal of getting a perfectly fitting result. Very introspective!

The Awakening Test, a natural outgrowth of the Awareness Test, will provide you with an overview of your level of spiritual enlightenment with special, serious and never boring questions. This test is exclusive to us; you won’t find it anywhere else. Absolutely unique!

Then we have the Great Personality Test, an innovative questionnaire that can self-adapt to the person in front of it, calibrating the results more precisely with each new attempt. It should be taken at least twice in a row. Intriguing and effective at the same time. The best personality quiz you will ever take!

The fifth is the Logical Intelligence Quiz, which, with its 35 brain-teasing questions, will manage to measure your logical-rational skills and, in return, provide you with an estimated IQ (intellectual quotient). Its beauty lies in the seemingly simple but actually quite treacherous questions. Take it seriously!

The sixth quiz, dedicated to young people up to age 15, is called the Wisdom Test. A lofty title for an equally challenging and educational quiz. This is also exclusive to us and differs from all others found online for its approach, which is instructive but also entertaining, as well as for its ability to combine antiquity and modernity. In fact, in addition to the human commentary you will find the one from PersonalityHPT Junior, our outstanding AI with a sense of humor.

The last one is the quickest MBTI 16 Personality types assessment in the world. In less than 3 minutes you will receive an overview of your character!

It doesn’t end there. You should also try our impossible quiz. Can you complete it without giving yourself a headache? The prize is juicy!

There are 7 personality tests in total (+ the impossible quiz), but new ones will be added over time. So have fun and get to know yourself better with our quizzes; but remember to keep the app on your device so you don’t miss the new ones coming! Enjoy the best semi-professional personality tests!

If you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like spending hours on our full tests, you can take the mini self-assessment tests regarding as many as 23 different topics. Each mini quiz takes a maximum of 3 minutes.

In addition to all this, if you are a true spiritual seeker, you will appreciate the variety of in-depth articles offered free of charge to anyone who wants to learn more about the following topics: psychology, soul and consciousness, religion and transcendence, technology and current issues.

All the material is available in ENGLISH and ITALIAN.