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The concept of awareness is difficult to describe in purely rational terms, since its essence pervades various dimensions, from the instinctual-sensory to the soul-spiritual. Trying to generalize, we could define awareness as the breadth of the gaze each of us uses in analyzing and understanding things.
Imagine an ant’s view of the world, limited to the ground adjacent to it and completely unaware of what goes on above. Now identify with a hawk flying high in the sky, imagine the breadth of its gaze below it. How many things does the hawk see that the ant cannot? Now, translating that perspective to our perceiving in its broader meaning and not just in visual terms, we could say that the person gifted with a hawk’s gaze possesses a broader awareness than the one who observes the world from the ant’s perspective.
In more spiritual terms, we might describe consciential evolution as the process that leads to transcending the duality typical of the human mind, which tends to divide and separate everything into two or more parts: good and evil, black and white etc., and then often unconsciously identifies with one of the two parts (politics is an example). The soul-spiritual dimension, as opposed to the ego-material dimension, does not divide but unifies, does not identify but contemplates with detachment, does not proceed by opposition but rather by complementarity. What the mind divides, consciousness reunites, generating a new and broader vision not only of earthly life, but of reality itself.
Our test will try to carp about the breadth of your view of the world!

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1. Truth and relativism: what is the relationship between them?

Field of investigation: Doubts and Certainties

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2. Is judging people right or wrong?

Field of investigation: Good Sense and Common Sense

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3. Choose the noun combination that makes the most sense to you:

Field of investigation: Dualism and Duality

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4. In your opinion, is advertising really necessary?

Field of investigation: Materialism and Consumerism

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5. Which of the scenarios proposed below causes you the most discomfort?

Field of investigation: Introversion and Extroversion

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6. The law of cause and effect (Karma) states that our every action generates effects in this life and/or the next. What are your thoughts on this?

Field of investigation: Religiosity and Spirituality

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