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What is exactly a person’s mental age? Of course, it is not a precise and well-defined concept, each person’s mindset being influenced by countless variables such as family background, social class, cultural level, place of birth and so on. Don’t be scared! Our quiz does not measure your cultural or academic level, so you can take it even if you are very young and inexperienced. You will find questions suitable for everyone and a selection of answers capable of pleasing even the most serious!
Ours is an entertaining but also biting test, and its purpose is to check, in broad strokes, your attitude towards life. In short, do you reason like a curious, naive and hopeful youngster, or like an old man who is now tired and closed in his own little world of unchanging habits? Find out with our test.
The results will amaze you, you can bet! In fact, in addition to our commentary you will also find that of a very special artificial intelligence.
Have fun!

Calculate your mental age while having fun.
This demo only contains 5 questions out of 28 in total.
The results page shows a summary of the full version.
When you finish the demo you will receive a shortened version of our mindset certificate directly in your mailbox.
No registration required.
Suitable for audiences of all ages.
The full version of the test can be found here: Mental Age Test – full. The Mental Age Test - explore your mindset

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Mental Age Test Demo

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1. How wonderful to have a nice nap after lunch! How do you see it?

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2. Young people only care about having a good time. How do you see it?

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3. Is it better to have a short but intense life, or a long and peaceful one?

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4. Where would you rather go on vacation?

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5. If you could choose an alternative life, who would you like to be?

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