Awakening Test Questions

The opposite of attachment, that is, the ability to psychologically detach oneself from everything that is worldly: objects, money, work, affections. Yes, even interpersonal relationships are part of this sphere: the soul seeks the absolute, while most earthly relationships based on kinship and mutual need are entirely transitory.

1. Regarding your family, have you ever perceived yourself as a black sheep?
2. If you had more money and goods than your current state, your life would be:
3. Staying with the concept of freedom, what makes you feel free?
4. How do you stand in relation to the most popular and socially accepted habits, traditions, and ways of life?
5. To build a better world, one must continue to struggle with perseverance and confidence. What’s your opinion?
6. Choose the statement that best describes your relationship with death:

After an initial phase of upset, denial and anger, comes disillusionment. The ego resists and does not want to give up its illusions and false certainties; while the soul, which observes things from an unearthly perspective, begins little by little to demolish everything that is no longer needed.

7. What is it that drives you to try to improve yourself?
8. Have you ever had the doubt that the world we live is a big show, a kind of staging in which everyone plays a predefined role?
9. Can a person please everyone and be sincere at the same time?
10. What does the expression “Spiritual Awakening” mean to you?
11. Continuing on the topic of beliefs, ideas, and interpretations: how do you get an idea?
12. Have you ever completely revised certain beliefs/ideas you had before?
13. Speaking of acting, how do you see the theater of politics?

A comfortable and leisurely life does not promote spiritual evolution and is ill-suited to the awakening process. Like it or not, suffering is a potential spiritual catalyst, and knowing how to distance oneself from the many conveniences of this consumerist world is a crucial first step toward a renewed vision of existence.

14. Does the idea of having to change your habits upset you?
15. A life without ???? is not worth living. What word would you put in place of the question marks?
16. Which type of society do you prefer among those described below?
17. What kind of relationship do you have with technology?
18. The car is an instrument of freedom. Do you agree with that?
19. Do you ever feel the need for more simplicity?
20. Have you ever felt a strong discomfort in doing things that everyone usually does?

The process of soul awakening reveals itself through a complex series of symptoms and phenomena that are not always easy to grasp. We tried to collect the most common and typical ones from the early and middle stages of the awakening journey.

21. Have you ever found yourself observing things and people as if you were not part of the context?
22. Some people feel homesickness, but not for an earthly place. How about you?
23. Some people appear dull, as if they were flesh robots; others have a divine spark in their eyes. What do you think about that?
24. Have you ever dreamed of flying?
25. Having an insight and simultaneously feeling tingles and pressure on your head: has this ever happened to you?
26. Looking back on your past, have there ever been any major changes in the way you are?
27. Have you ever experienced some of these symptoms under normal health conditions? Which ones? (You can choose up to 4 items)

Each question contributes a certain number of points to the final score. Some questions weigh more than others, meaning that one question deemed important may be worth as much as two deemed less impactful.
The Awakening score (xx/110) is given by the algebraic sum of the points obtained in the individual questions.
The calculation of the Awakening level (e.g., Awakening in Progress), on the other hand, is based not only on the algebraic sum of the points obtained in the individual questions, but also on any contradictions detected by the system in the replies provided by the user. What does it mean? Basically, the software is able to determine whether the person is operating without logic, providing some particularly conscious answers and others completely impulsive. In this case it will apply a smoothing algorithm, lowering the final result by one level while keeping the overall score intact. Doing so, prevents the user who responds impulsively or tries to cheat from getting a high level of Awakening.