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Intelligence is characterized by many components, and we certainly do not claim to be able to measure it in an all-encompassing way, nevertheless this test allows us to evaluate a particular aspect of human intellect, precisely the logical-rational one (IQ – intelligence quotient). Society tends to place a rather high value on this skill, so it is good to take it into account and practice it.
Our logical intelligence test presents 35 questions, some seemingly simple and others more elaborate, with the aim of providing the most accurate assessment possible of the person taking it. Be warned not to underestimate the apparently trivial ones.
This is a challenge suitable even for younger people because of the wide variety of questions included. For this reason, the interpretation of the final score varies according to the user’s age; if you are under 18, read how to normalize your result in this article: How to properly interpret the results.
Originally, tests of this type have a time limit, however, we decided to use the time count only for statistical purposes, thus allowing anyone to complete the test. Those who do not want to have any facilities should know that the time limit for completing the test should be 20 minutes.

Measure your logical-mathematical skills.
The test consists of 35 questions, each with several answers and only one correct.
There is an invisible timer that counts the time but does not interrupt the trial.
This is a semi-professional test to be taken with full concentration.
At the end you will view the number of correct answers, the solution of each question and an estimate of you IQ.
Find out how test results are calculated and view an example result.
In addition, a certificate of participation will be sent to your email address.
Here you can view the user rankings updated from month to month: Logical Intelligence Ranking.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Try the free DEMO of this test before buying it: Logical Intelligence Test Demo. The Logical Intelligence Test - what is your IQ?

Our IQ test differs from others found online for a couple of reasons. First, it contains as many as 35 questions, some of which are quite difficult while some are easier. We implemented this strategy to give everyone, very young people included, a way to find questions within their reach and not end up getting discouraged after a few minutes. In this regard, if you are under 18, you should know that IQ calculation varies according to your age: click here to learn more.
The second special feature is that the timer does not intervene to interrupt the test when time runs out (20 minutes). So if you want to take it easy and don’t care about getting an official result, you can take as long as you need.
It doesn’t end there. Upon completion of the challenge you will find a critical in-depth article on the subject of IQ tests.

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IQ quiz no time limit

Logical Intelligence Test


Remaining Attempts: 3

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1. If Mary is on my left and I am on Mary's left, she is facing toward:

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2. How does this series of symbols end?
}{ , {} , {{ , ][ , [] , [[ , )( , ...

3 / 35

3. You have one liter of liquid in total. A is empty, B is half full, C contains a quarter liter. What is the minimum capacity of B?

4 / 35

4. 1 stands to 1 billion as a grain of sand stands to:

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5. If I have 8 oranges, I set aside 3 and eat all but 2: how many oranges do I have left?

6 / 35

6. If during a race the fourth competitor overtakes you, what position were you in before you were overtaken?

7 / 35

7. If Eugene is 5 cm taller than Julie and Charles who is 10 cm taller than Julie measures 180 cm: how tall is Eugene?

8 / 35

8. Check the following set of numbers and choose the missing one:
1 - 3 - 7 - 15 - ... - 63 - 127

9 / 35


10 / 35

10. By anagramming the word LISTEN you can get an adjective that has to do with:

Anagramming means shifting the order of letters in a word to form a different one.

11 / 35

11. Observe this series of numbers and indicate the missing number:
0 - 1 - 3 - 6 - 10 - ...

12 / 35

12. Louie's height is exactly halfway between that of Margaret and Paul. Margaret is 165 cm tall, while Paul is 10 cm taller than Louie. How tall are Louie and Paul?

13 / 35

13. How does this series of numbers end?
9, 16, 25, 36, ...

14 / 35

14. If I have 18 balls, I lose half of them and find two-thirds of the lost ones: how many balls do I have left?

15 / 35

15. I am a man. If Jack's son is the father of my son, who am I to Jack?

16 / 35

16. If C16 C6 C14 V2 V2 = T H R E E , T H I N K = C16 C6 V3 C11 C8 , then K N I G H T =

17 / 35

17. I am smart. All smart people are funny. Insurers are almost all boring, while no boring person is smart. Can an insurer be funny?

18 / 35

18. Complete the following sentence: the bicycle stands to the frame as the human body stands to:

19 / 35

19. By anagramming the word PANELS you can obtain two nouns that have to do with:
(select up to two answers)

Anagramming means shifting the order of letters in a word to form a different one.

20 / 35

20. If T=2x2, R=6/1, H=9-2, IG=5+4: what is 6974?

21 / 35

21. Match the following nouns by similarity following this logic: BIG-SMALL

4. CAR

Choose the SMALL ones

22 / 35

22. Which of the following is not related to the others?

23 / 35

23. Today is December 30. Next year I will be 20 years old. How old am I now?

24 / 35

24. One of the following animals does not fit with the others.
Which one is it?

25 / 35

25. How does this series of symbols continue?
\ , // , \| , { , }} , {| , [ , ]] , ...

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26. If Luke weighs 4 kg more than John and Antony who has 8 kg more than John weighs 78 kg: how much does Luke weigh?

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27. The sum of the ages of Anna, Brian and Carl is 80 years. Anna is half the age of Carl, while Brian is Carl's age minus Anna's age: respectively, what is the age of Anna, Brian, Carl?

28 / 35

28. What number do the question marks correspond to?

29 / 35

29. SPIDER stands to 4 + 4 as HORSE + SNAKE stands to:

30 / 35

30. You finish a race in 6th place. Then the 3rd contestant is relegated to 6th place, and the 7th contestant is moved to 5th place. What is your final position?

31 / 35

31. As ACE stands for 135, so HERE stands for...

32 / 35

32. You have to cover a total of 1,000 meters. You travel the first 500 meters, then you move back 300 meters. How many meters do you have left to go?

33 / 35

33. 32 minutes before 18:00 and equals to:

34 / 35

34. If o=0, t=1, w=1, s=4, x=0, i=4: what's six divided by two?

35 / 35

35. Who is next on the list?
Eva, Liam, Derek, Olivia, .......

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