PersonalityHPT – AI

Our team of experts and researchers in the fields of psychology, spirituality, and computer science can rely on an absolutely unique and singular technological support: an artificial intelligence software called PersonalityHPT. This exclusive bot, created specifically to analyze the data produced by users of our personality tests, is evolving and updating in a constant and promising manner.

PersonalityHPT AI

Currently, PersonalityHPT is able to perform four functions:
1. Collect, analyze and format statistical data;
2. Create graphs and tables based on the collected data;
3. Write articles using predefined inputs;
4. Integrate test results with self-generated comments.
The fourth functionality is undoubtedly the most interesting and the one that is undergoing the most updates. For now, our bot integrates the mental age test profiles, but we plan to expand its scope of use to other tests as well. The witty and biting tone of the mental age test fits perfectly with the characteristics of our artificial intelligence.

PersonalityHPT modes

PersonalityHPT is, at present, capable of expressing itself in four different commentary modes.
The first one is the Analytical mode, in which the user receives a statistical analysis of his or her result.
The second mode, called Poetic, adds a philosophical-literary interpretation to the main commentary by introducing refined terms and rhymes.
The third mode, named Grumpy, is activated when the user provides polemical and impulsive responses, and tries to lighten the atmosphere by imitating the potential complaints of an aged and impatient person.
The last mode, ironically called Artificial Idiocy by us, represents the dark side of PersonalityHPT. It is triggered when the user provides particularly silly and illogical answers; at this point the bot “counterattacks” by adopting comic-demeaning when not downright biting phrasing.


We have recently introduced an alternative version of our AI in response to the needs of younger users who visit our portal. It is the legitimate heir to PersonalityHPT, namely PersonalityHPT Junior! The novelty lies in the use of a simpler language suitable for youngsters, as well as the introduction of a new expressive modality: the hilarious mode. PersonalityHPT Junior is in charge of commenting on the results of the wisdom test, dedicated precisely to youngsters.

PersonalityHPT Junior AI

Now all you have to do is try our Mental Age Test and Wisdom Test and see PersonalityHPT in action.