Great Personality Test Questions

1 – Do you like meeting new people?
2 – By chance you meet someone you have not seen in years and that person invites you to an unfamiliar club that evening. What do you do?
3 – Do you ever feel the desire to spend time alone?
4 – How many friends do you think you have?

5 – You are presented with an unexpected danger that could cause you serious harm if you do not react quickly. What is your first reaction?
6 – After arguing with someone, perhaps for trivial reasons, what do you think?
7 – A doubt arises in your mind about something you may have done negligently. What is your first reaction?
8 – You are discussing with someone about a topic that is important to you, but the other person expresses superficial and debasing ideas about it. How do you react?

9 – Someone makes a questionable joke about you believing that they are not heard. How do you react?
10 – You are in the checkout line when someone walks past you pretending not to be noticed. What is your first reaction?
11 – Do you ever feel that your (negative) mood affects your actions?
12 – Bad weather is a real party pooper. Do you agree with it?
13 – Do you easily empathise when you watch a movie?

14 – You experiment with a new activity and find that it is more difficult than expected. What do you do about it?
15 – Evening comes, you mentally review what you have done during the day and realize you have overlooked things. What is your first thought?
16 – Reprocessing the past helps you understand your mistakes to improve in the present. Do you agree?
17 – Speaking generally, do you ever get the impression that people put little effort and precision into their work?

18 – Is it better to take the stairs or the elevator?
19 – You are given a task without specifying when you have to finish it. What is your approach?
20 – When reading a sentence within a book, you encounter a term you do not know the meaning of. What do you do?
21 – Which of the following activities relaxes you the most?

22 – From the following situations, choose the one that gives you the most positive feeling:
23 – When you have doubts or curiosities, you prefer to:
24 – Spending a lot of time around people and movement gives you:
25 – How does the idea of public speaking affect you?

26 – Do you ever use your phone while driving, biking or walking on the road?
27 – When you perform a habitual, repetitive action, you do it:
28 – A person politely points out to you that a certain behavior of yours caused them discomfort/danger. The next day, what do you think about it?
29 – Have you ever thought about the potential consequences of habits you practice every day, such as driving, using mechanical tools, posting information online?

30 – The image of an animal suffering from starvation, arouses you:
31 – When a loved one is upset or worried, do you notice it right away?
32 – Do you ever cry from joy or sorrow?
33 – Do you ever feel that others do not understand you, or that they are too shallow to do so?

34 – A person close to you takes a reckless action risking harm to someone else. What is your first thought?
35 – Someone who commits a crime, even a serious one, has the right to get a second chance. Do you agree with this?
36 – Neighbors are quite noisy, sometimes even at inappropriate times. How do you react?
37 – Do you easily forget the wrongs you have received?

38 – You are asked to do a job that requires the application of strict and precise rules, but you find that it could be done differently. How do you behave?
39 – How do other people’s opinions affect you?
40 – If you had to solve an unexpected and never-before addressed practical problem, how would you approach it?
41 – What kind of relationship do you have with news and unexpected changes?

42 – When someone makes fun of you, do you tend to fall for it easily?
43 – Are you able to expose lies told by other people?
44 – Choose the description of POLITICS that most closely matches your thinking:
45 – How do you inform yourself before signing a contract?

46 – How do you react when a person in a position of authority (ex: a parent, a superior at work) disrespects you, perhaps without doing it on purpose?
47 – When there is an important decision to be made and time is limited, what is your first reaction?
48 – Someone questions a statement you made, but you are certain of its truthfulness: how do you react?
49 – When your opinion is belittled or ignored altogether, you feel:

50 – Would you rather make your own decisions and be responsible for them, or follow someone else’s directives without risking anything?
51 – Sink drain suddenly clogs, what do you do?
52 – Traveling solo, perhaps to faraway and mysterious places. What do you think?
53 – In what productive context do you best express yourself?

54 – It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
How do you interpret this sentence?
55 – Here are 5 groups of concepts and practical actions. Choose the one you find most interesting:
56 – Society would become better and more livable if:
57 – What would you add to the world to make it a better place?

58 – Do you enjoy witty jokes during conversations?
59 – Do you ever laugh when you watch comedy movies and videos?
60 – How do you react when an acquaintance makes a sarcastic comment about you, perhaps exaggerating some of your character sides?
61 – When a given situation becomes tense, a downplaying joke…complete the sentence

62 – You have more respect for people who:
63 – An acquaintance needs your help, but this would mean giving up your program for the evening. What do you do about it?
64 – Would you be willing, in exchange for a large personal benefit and the certainty of not being discovered, to endanger someone?
65 – When you give a gift to a person, you expect that:

What is your age group?

The result presents two different types of information:
1) the level of psychic energy;
2) the description of personality.
Psychic energy is measured through an algorithm that analyzes the answers provided, giving each of them a score.
An example: if by answering a certain question the user implies that he or she is lazy, the relative level of psychic energy will be lower than that of another user who states that he or she is always on the go.
Instead, the description of personality is literally “built” around the person’s responses by analyzing each individual reply. A single different answer produces a new profile.
In addition, an auto-calibration mechanism has been implemented, which allows introducing new questions in case the test is repeated. This feature improves the overall accuracy of the test by reaching maximum precision on the third attempt by the user.