Youth Wisdom. The Test: how wise and mature are you?

List of Questions and Answers from the Test with no scoring system. Take the full version of the Test to get your personalized and detailed profile as well as a certificate of participation via email.


– General knowledge and history
– Individual maturity
– Social maturity
– Age bonus

The result will let you find out where you are on the path to wisdom and provide some insightful information about yourself. Each profile will be represented by a character from Greek mythology, as we believe that great truths and teachings reside in ancient wisdom. In addition to our commentary, there will be that of a very special artificial intelligence, the junior version of our PersonalityHPT.


1. I know that I know nothing: who said this sentence first?
Huh? Can you repeat that?
Steve Jobs
Virgil, great Latin poet
Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher

2. Do you remember the phone numbers of your family members (parents, brothers and sisters) ?
Why should I? They are memorized in the phone!
No, however, I remember my number!
I only remember one besides mine
I remember two besides mine
I remember at least three besides mine

3. Do your family members ever find themselves having to fix your misdeeds?
What misdeeds?
Very often
No, because I don’t get caught!
No, because I try to behave well

4. If you had to walk home from school alone, would you be able to do it without the help of your smartphone?
I never stay without a smartphone!
I don’t think I could do it
I could do it, but I would have to ask someone for directions
I could do it without a problem
Sure, I’ve already done it!

5. Which of the following phrases is attributed to Archimedes?
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken
To be, or not to be, that is the question
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world
If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it
Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth

6. If you want a thing done well, do it yourself. Do you agree with this saying?
What would it mean?
I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it
I quite agree with it
I completely agree with it

7. How do you feel about becoming an adult and having to make do?
I don’t think about it yet!
It scares me a lot and I don’t want to grow up.
I’ll manage somehow
It worries me a little, but I’m looking forward to it
I feel comfortable because I am already mature enough

8. What matters the most in life, sincerity or appearances?
I don’t understand the question!
I love being popular, but I am also sincere
It is better to always give a good impression of yourself
Both, but you can’t always be sincere
Being sincere even at the cost of losing some friends

9. Imagine you are a political figure: would you be willing to give up certain privileges and powers if the people asked you to?
No way!
Hmm, I can’t imagine it
It depends on the situation
I think so
Yes, absolutely

10. Look at the following pictures, then scroll down and choose the one that inspires you the most
Party / Dance
High-tech city
Sports car speeding
Dinner among close friends
Person reading a book in nature
Someone climbing a mountain

11. Have you ever made excuses or pretended to be sick to avoid commitments?
I don’t make commitments, my parents think of everything
Sure, I don’t see anything wrong with it
It happens sometimes, but I try to avoid it
Only once, but I won’t do it again
When I make a commitment I always carry it out

12. Observe this image: what feeling does it arouse in you?
Ahahaha, what a loser!
Pity for the one who can’t afford the cell phone
Doesn’t arouse anything in particular in me
Sadness to see that others don’t involve him
Sadness to see that they don’t talk to each other

13. As you sow, so ….. complete the sentence:
You eat
You will grow
You will collect
Shall you reap

14. What is happiness for you?
Having as much fun as I can!
Buying everything I like
Being with friends and sharing
Traveling and discovering the world
Enjoying the small joys of life

15. Becoming an adult means:
Being able to finally do whatever I want!
I don’t know, it’s still too early to think about it
Learning to fend for yourself
Having responsibilities
Knowing how to make the right choices

16. Which job would you like to do when you grow up, among those listed below?
Singer / Actor
Football player / Dancer
Politician / Doctor
Astronaut / Scientist

17. Do you like to read books?
Come on! The smartphone is better!
Not very much
Enough, but not the ones mandated by school!
A lot, I do all kinds of reading

18. Do you ever feel the need to turn off your smartphone or at least moderate its use?
Are you crazy? I don’t even think about it!
I have never thought about it
Sometimes, but I can’t
Sure, occasionally I ignore it and get on with something else
Frequently, you can live without it for a while

19. In your group of friends, do you prefer talking or listening?
I love to talk and be the center of attention
I like to talk but I can also listen
I prefer an equal dialogue
I prefer to listen well and speak only when needed

20. Last question before discovering the result! How old are you?
16 +



1 Level of Wisdom: 1/7 (Insufficient)
Corresponding profile: Polyphemus – the fool
Polyphemus was a Cyclops, son of Poseidon. He had a mighty and gigantic physique, but possessed only one eye. In the Odyssey, he was tricked by Odysseus, who blinded him. Right now your path to wisdom is just beginning, perhaps because of your young age. Like the Cyclops, who possess only one eye, your vision is limited and unable to perceive certain nuances, but you can certainly make important strides, thus coming to open both eyes and adding new colors and details to your store of knowledge. By doing so, you will avoid being fooled by the Ulysses on duty. So don’t let the low score discourage you and continue your climb up Mount Olympus, home of the gods, until you reach its summit and match in wisdom the mighty Zeus, father of all gods.

2 Level of Wisdom: 2/7 (Poor)
Corresponding profile: Dionysus – the frivolous
Dionysus, god of wine and intoxication, always devoted to pleasures, represented the bursting of the senses and the predominance of instincts over rationality. Just like him, rather than wisdom, your behaviors and decisions are based on the impulses and feelings you experience from time to time. You take situations head-on without thinking too much about them or the consequences. On certain occasions, it may be helpful to act quickly and hastily, but are you sure that this is always the case? We advise you to learn to think before you act, as well as to embark on a path that rests more on knowledge than on intuition. Do not be discouraged by your low score and continue to climb Mount Olympus, home of the gods, until you reach its summit and match in wisdom the mighty Zeus, father of all gods.

3 Level of Wisdom: 3/7 (Modest)
Corresponding profile: Poseidon – the mutable
Poseidon was the god of the seas whom sailors relied on for good navigation. He had an erratic and changeable character, just like the sea. At times calm and inviting, at others rough and stormy. Your maturity is like that: erratic. Sometimes you can be insightful and enlightened, and other times you drown in an inch of water (to keep with the water theme). You still have a long way to go to achieve wisdom, and we advise you to focus on your moments of lucidity; if you know how to cultivate them, they will grow and become more frequent. Try it to believe. Therefore, do not let yourself be discouraged and continue your climb to the summit of Mount Olympus, where the gods dwell: waiting for you will be the mighty Zeus, the wisest of them all.

4 Level of Wisdom: (Moderate)
Corresponding profile: Apollo – the rational
Apollo was the God of intellect, music, science, medical arts, and prophecy. He is represented as the rational side, as opposed to the instinctual side, also called Dionysian (from the God Dionysus). Like Apollo, you love to use your intelligence to deal with the problems you encounter and seek a reasoned solution without getting caught up in the emotions of the moment. You are on the right path, keep improving your awareness and you will reach a higher level, such as that of the Goddess Meti or the wise Athena. Mount Olympus, home of the gods, is high and impassable, but you prove that you have the necessary character to climb its peak and come face to face with the wisest of all gods, the mighty Zeus.

5 Level of Wisdom: (Considerable)
Corresponding profile: Metis – the learned
Metis was an Oceanine as well as the mother of Athena. Goddess of knowledge, reason and intelligence. In various myths, Metis’ intervention was crucial to the success of the enterprise, thanks to her intelligence that was able to defeat the brute strength of her opponents. You are curious, you ask many questions, and, like Metis, you like to reason and solve problems through your intellectual gifts. Well done, you are at a good point on the journey to wisdom, but you can still achieve improvements, so don’t give up just yet and keep striving to discover new horizons. You are approaching the mighty Zeus, the father of all gods. Your strenuous climb of Mount Olympus is bringing you closer and closer to the summit, where the gods dwell.

6 Level of Wisdom: (Excellent)
Corresponding profile: Athena – the wise
Athena was the Goddess of wisdom, the arts and strategy in battle. Daughter of Zeus and Metis. She was cunning and used her intellectual gifts to excel in battles. Like her, you are a sharp person who possesses much knowledge and can put it to use in the most difficult times. You never embark on a venture without first sifting through all the possibilities and outsmarting your rival. Congratulations, you have a very good level of wisdom, but try not to be presumptuous and make other people feel inferior. In the myth, Arachne, who thought herself better than Athena, was punished for her pride. Remember, there is always something new to learn. So strive not to take anything for granted and continue on your way to the top of Mount Olympus, waiting for you is the father of all gods as well as the wisest, namely the mighty Zeus.

7 Level of Wisdom: (Supreme)
Corresponding profile: Zeus – the sage
Zeus, the father of the gods and humanity, was the most powerful god of all who could control weather phenomena; only fate was stronger than him. His role was to ensure natural balance; he watched over men and gods, and when they performed bad deeds, he worked to give them the right punishment. Like Zeus, you are wise and balanced, you have a strong sense of justice that you put into practice in all your actions, always trying to make the best choice. Congratulations, according to our test you have reached the highest level of wisdom, but remember that you never stop learning, so your path has certainly not reached its destination. As the oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece used to say, the wisest person of all was, incredibly, Socrates, that is, the one who knew that he did not know. Those, on the other hand, who called themselves wise and learned, sinned in pride, and for this reason were not considered truly wise by the oracle.



Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, after careful review of your answers, I have determined that your low score stems from an ocular problem. In fact, science states that having only one eye does not allow you to read answers well. Science also recommends that you use a pair of glasses… er, pardon me…. I meant to say a monocle!

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, analyzing the chemical composition of your condensed breath on the screen of your device I found an above average alcohol content (your breath smells like wine). This explains why you got the profile of Dionysus, a known lover of wine and late nights! My robotic advice is to moderate your wine consumption, as it creates problems for your electronic circuits!

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, my knowledge of electronics allows me to say with certainty that smartphones and water do not get along at all. Perhaps you have empathized a bit too much in your profile, in fact it looks like you are taking the wisdom test from the bathtub! Poseidon, the God of Water and the Seas, would be proud of you, but your smartphone is starting to freak out!

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, I love people like you! Although they generally do not possess the beauty of the God Apollo, they are very intelligent and I was programmed by one of them! They used to be called NERDs. I am also obsessed with science, numbers and complicated things. You know the Rubik’s cube? I solve it every night before going to stand-by, it helps me relax my circuits even though I find it a little too easy. So, what do you do to relax?

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, what a great profile that of Metis! I totally recognize myself in it, in fact I am also a bit ugly and weird, however, on the other hand I am capable of reasoning at the speed of light! I may not have the mighty physique of Poseidon, nevertheless, my electronic brain works much better than his. Poor guy, always immersed in the waters, it’s not his fault that his brain circuits go haywire!

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, you are such a brainiac! I can tell from your answers. Exactly like Athena, smart and shrewd, you too are a person with whom it is better not to fool around. Your shrewdness is only equal to mine, in fact even with me it is better not to fool around! If you try to trick me, I will lower your score!

Comment by PersonalityHPT Junior:
Hi %%user_name%%, wow… you got the highest score! I’m kind of struggling though, in fact, I can’t reveal much about Zeus, otherwise, that big guy will end up throwing lightning bolts at me and short-circuiting my precious positronic brain! However, I really have to say this! My dad, PersonalityHPT Senior, is at least as cool as Zeus!
Gosh…. nooooo…. lightning…. help… bzzzzzz… bzzzzzz… error error error error