The Spiritual Awakening Test – are you awakened?

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The opposite of attachment, that is, the ability to psychologically detach oneself from everything that is worldly: objects, money, work, affections. Yes, even interpersonal relationships are part of this sphere: the soul seeks the absolute, while most earthly relationships based on kinship and mutual need are entirely transitory.

1. Choose the statement that best describes your relationship with death:
(0) – I prefer not to think about death, it makes me uncomfortable
(1) – I am mostly frightened by the death of beloved rather than my own
(2) – It scares me less than it used to, but I still cannot come to terms with it
(3) – I am reevaluating it, perhaps it is part of a larger cycle and it has its own purpose
(4) – After deep reflection, I realized that existence does not begin with birth and does not end with death

2. To build a better world, one must continue to struggle with perseverance and confidence. What’s your opinion?
(0) – I like the world as it is, there is no need to fight to change it
(1) – I find it right to strive to make things better, but without having too many illusions
(2) – The world is what it is, something can be done, but it is impossible to make arrangements for billions of people
(3) – In life you need ideals otherwise everything loses meaning, but maybe it is better to work on yourself first
(5) – Changing the world is an illusion, but if everyone became more aware, the world would also improve

3. Regarding your family, have you ever perceived yourself as a black sheep?
(0) – No, absolutely: my family and I are very close-knit
(1) – No, however I feel misunderstood by my family sometimes
(2) – Yes, in fact we have different ideas and interests
(3) – Yes, it is strange to say, however I feel different from all of them
(4) – Certainly: I feel like an alien more than a black sheep

4. Have you ever found yourself observing things and people as if you were not part of the context?
(0) – I feel part of society and I would not like to have that kind of experience
(1) – Sometimes I feel out of place, but these are brief moments
(2) – Yes, sometimes I need to slow down and not get too involved in situations
(3) – Yes, at certain times the world seems really absurd to me and I need to alienate myself
(5) – Definitely, in those moments I feel good and humanity seems small and insignificant to me

5. The car is an instrument of freedom. Do you agree with that?
(0) – Yes, absolutely: it is one of man’s best inventions
(1) – Yes, it is certainly useful, but it also has some downsides
(2) – Yes and No: it is difficult to do without it, but sometimes it is overdone
(3) – Not really, in the sense that society imposes its use, but there would be better alternatives
(4) – If someone depends on the use of an object to feel free, it means they are slave to it

6. Staying with the concept of freedom, what makes you feel free?
(0) – Being able to do what I want to do, whether it is buying a car or taking an action
(1) – Making decisions for myself without having to submit to someone else’s will
(2) – Doing the things I love to do and being able to share them with beloved ones
(3) – To be as I am, for better or worse, and not to be afraid to be so
(4) – My freedom is inside, it has nothing to do with the outside world or with doing and having

7. Have you ever completely revised certain beliefs/ideas you had before?
(0) – No, when I become convinced of something, I never change my mind again
(1) – Maybe on one occasion, but in general I rely on facts and therefore rarely have second thoughts
(2) – Yes, a couple of times: as you grow and mature, you can change your mind
(3) – Yes, as experiences and information increase, perspective also changes
(4) – Sure, but they are not beliefs: I would call them provisional reality interpretations

After an initial phase of upset, denial and anger, comes disillusionment. The ego resists and does not want to give up its illusions and false certainties; while the soul, which observes things from an unearthly perspective, begins little by little to demolish everything that is no longer needed.

8. Continuing on the topic of beliefs, ideas, and interpretations: how do you get an idea?
(0) – I follow the others and adapt if it is convenient
(1) – I observe others, listen to their opinions, and choose the one I agree with the most
(2) – I think for myself after listening to others, avoiding the most extreme positions
(3) – I inform myself, observe and listen, not being influenced by others even if it is sometimes hard
(4) – Creating an idea is easy, the problem is deconstructing the misleading beliefs we already hold

9. Have you ever had the doubt that the world we live is a big show, a kind of staging in which everyone plays a predefined role?
(0) – No: why would I think such a thing?
(1) – No: doubts like that are likely to mislead people
(2) – Yes, but it applies to certain areas only, and not to everything
(3) – Yes, sometimes: however, others do not seem to care and keep doing the same things over and over again
(4) – Of course, no one is exempt from manipulation, but the show works because the majority really believes in it

10. Speaking of acting, how do you see the theater of politics?
(0) – Politicians do not act, they simply express the ideas of their constituents
(1) – Indeed, politicians are sometimes a bit theatrical, but the important thing is to achieve the goal
(2) – Politics is like a circus, there is everything, but honest politicians work for the people
(3) – Politics is a mirror of the people, so among politicians there are good people and criminals
(4) – Politics is based on delegating, which is an indication of low maturity, so one cannot expect too much

11. Which type of society do you prefer among those described below?
(0) – A society with more technology and scientific certainty
(1) – A more equitable and inclusive society
(2) – A society with less selfishness and more humanity
(3) – A simpler and slower society with less superficiality
(4) – A more conscious society, also more focused on the essentials

12. Looking back on your past, have there ever been any major changes in the way you are?
(0) – No, I am still the same person, but older
(1) – I do not know, I certainly have done many things and had numerous experiences that have matured me
(2) – Yes, today I am not the same person I used to be, even though I do not disown the past
(3) – Of course, sometimes I even feel that I have lived more than one life
(4) – Sure, I have lived numerous lives and now I can say that I know myself better and I am more aware

13. Having an insight and simultaneously feeling tingles and pressure on your head: has this ever happened to you?
(0) – No, never
(1) – Yes, I have had insights but without tingling or pressure
(1) – Yes, I have experienced tingling and pressure but no insights
(2) – Yes, when it happens I feel strange, but it is not a bad feeling
(3) – It is happening to me right now, something is changing inside me
(4) – Yes, it used to happen often in the past: now I have intuition and other similar phenomena but without tingling

14. Some people appear dull, as if they were flesh robots; others have a divine spark in their eyes. What do you think about that?
(0) – Nonsensical and even offensive statement
(1) – I do not know, this is the first time I hear about that, I will try to pay more attention to it
(2) – I agree: it happens because they are too caught up in their ego and daily problems
(3) – Exactly, it seems that some are connected with their soul and some are not
(4) – Those who focus on the mental/material plane lose the connection to the superior Self, or divine spark

A comfortable and leisurely life does not promote spiritual evolution and is ill-suited to the awakening process. Like it or not, suffering is a potential spiritual catalyst, and knowing how to distance oneself from the many conveniences of this consumerist world is a crucial first step toward a renewed vision of existence.

15. Have you ever felt a strong discomfort in doing things that everyone usually does?
(0) – No, why should I?
(1) – Only when I feel insecure for one reason or another
(2) – Yes, if I could I would gladly avoid certain things that everyone does
(3) – Yes, sometimes I feel that those things do not make so much sense, or that they could be done differently
(4) – Yes, frequently: now I want to be myself even if I lose popularity and acceptance

16. Does the idea of having to change your habits upset you?
(0) – Very much, without my habits I would feel lost
(1) – Quite a bit, but at rare times I feel the need to change things
(2) – A little, in fact life tends to get boring if nothing ever changes
(3) – No, although I want to be the one to decide what and when to change
(4) – Not at all, in fact change is inevitable and opposing it can even be harmful

17. Have you ever dreamed of flying?
(0) – No, never
(1) – Yes, by plane or other undefined means
(2) – Yes, with wings like a bird
(3) – Yes, without wings or mechanical means, but with little control
(4) – Yes, as if I were suspended in the air and could visit any place just by thinking about it

18. Some people feel homesickness, but not for an earthly place. How about you?
(0) – I don’t get this question, I already have a home
(1) – No, although I feel nostalgic and melancholic sometimes
(2) – Yes, I would like to live in a different place and/or historical period
(3) – Yes, I get homesick for something I cannot define
(4) – Of course, it is as if I do not belong in this world and want to return to my world

19. How do you stand in relation to the most popular and socially accepted habits, traditions, and ways of life?
(0) – I see nothing wrong with them and try to adapt to the customs of my place
(1) – Certain habits and patterns of living are not for me, but diversity is beauty
(2) – I prefer not to follow the masses too much, and this is a consequence of asking myself questions
(3) – Certain habits and customs seem so primitive to me, but people follow them without asking questions
(4) – I question everything, even the most established habits, only in this way can I evolve

20. What kind of relationship do you have with technology?
(0) – I could not live without it
(1) – Progress cannot be stopped and I try to stay up to date
(2) – There is too much technology: I use it, but without excesses
(3) – Technology makes people worse, but I cannot avoid it completely
(4) – Technology can become a prison: I try to use it conscientiously

21. Do you ever feel the need for more simplicity?
(0) – No, why should I? Life is not always easy, but it is just right
(1) – No, but I understand that it can happen to some people, life is not easy for everyone
(2) – Sometimes, for example, when problems pile up and I would like to reset everything
(3) – Often, in fact there are too many unnecessary complications in this society
(4) – Yes, and I am striving to get rid of all that is unnecessarily complicated

The process of soul awakening reveals itself through a complex series of symptoms and phenomena that are not always easy to grasp. We tried to collect the most common and typical ones from the early and middle stages of the awakening journey.

22. If you had more money and goods than your current state, your life would be:
(0) – Happier
(1) – Easier
(2) – More interesting
(3) – Similar to current one
(4) – Identical to current one

23. A life without ???? is not worth living. What word would you put in place of the question marks?
(0) – Money
(1) – Friends
(2) – Meaning
(3) – Love
(4) – Truth

24. Can a person please everyone and be sincere at the same time?
(0) – Of course you can, I do not see the problem
(1) – It depends, you can be sincere while not telling every little detail
(2) – Not always, pleasing everyone is difficult and anyway lies will get you nowhere
(3) – One who wants to please everyone has no personality of their own and have to pretend necessarily
(4) – I would rephrase the question: does a completely sincere person really need to be liked?

25. What is it that drives you to try to improve yourself?
(0) – I do not try to improve myself, I like myself as I am
(1) – The fear of being left behind, of being cut off from society
(2) – The need to make my contribution to society
(3) – The need to understand what is happening around me and to help others
(4) – I can’t avoid it, it is an inner need, an urge for truth

26. What does the expression “Spiritual Awakening” mean to you?
(0) – I do not know
(1) – It indicates the suffering that follows a disappointment
(2) – It describes the bad feeling one gets when an illusion vanishes
(3) – It is a psychological, subjective process of personal maturation and growth
(4) – Stop creating certainties and starting to doubt, investigate, beginning with oneself

27. Have you ever experienced some of these symptoms under normal health conditions? Which ones? (You can choose up to 4 items)
(1) – Sudden buzzing in hearing
(1) – Hypersensitivity toward light
(1) – Hypersensitivity toward noises
(1) – Hypersensitivity to tactile sensations
(1) – Tingling and pressure on the head, back or neck
(1) – Dreams more vivid than usual
(1) – Vibrations within the body
(1) – Sudden intuitions
(1) – Feeling of disconnection from the body
(1) – Hypersensitivity toward injustice and abuse
(1) – Need to find superior meaning
(1) – Nostalgia toward something undefined
(1) – Curiosity toward the meaning of death
(1) – Higher-than-normal mental clarity
(1) – Rejection of superficial speeches
(1) – Sensation that life is unreal
(1) – Complete loss of trust in society
(0) – None of these symptoms


Personality Traits: Numbness, Conformism, Lightness
Name, unfortunately your answers do not leave much room for interpretation; in fact, it seems that you are dreaming deeply, completely unaware of what is happening around you, probably by choice. We can’t blame you, after all, the world in which we live is certainly not easy. However, this does not seem to bother you, as you can choose which dream to pursue and which to reject. In less hermetic terms, it means that when you are faced with complex situations and problems, you prefer to give yourself simple answers, to take the seemingly less intricate path, because everyone does it. The great show must go on, the time to stop it, or at least to question it, has not come yet.
You have on your side the strength of the masses, of the majority, and this makes you feel calm. Doesn’t it?
Remember, however, that the majority may win, but they may not always be right! Every now and then a deeper reflection on the world around us may be useful; after all, asking questions does no harm as long as the whole thing remains in our minds.
We are sure that you would appreciate our mental age test, so if you have not tried it yet, this is the right time for it:

Personality Traits: Convenience, Hustle, Adaptation
Name, your psychological profile is interesting, as it indicates the simultaneous presence of conflicting energies. It seems to be present in you a desire for awakening, or at least a weak drive toward a deeper and more realistic understanding of the world; but at the same time we detect an opposite need, a tendency to seek comfort and security in the dominant positions, those of the masses, to put it bluntly. You probably experience conflicting feelings, on one hand the need to be part of society without being deprived of anything, and on the other hand an urge, although sporadic, to find meaning in things and, more generally, in life. It is not easy for anyone to reconcile the two spheres, the social and work life with the inner one, and you are an example of this. You need safety, facts, unshakable certainties, however you get a little doubt from time to time… don’t you?
You still tend to respond hastily to questions that your deepest and most authentic part brings up, but this makes you only a partial sleeper: let us say that yours is a sleep disturbed by a few noises here and there. We see this characteristic positively; in fact, you are in a position to choose. Do you prefer to take a little pill to sleep better, or to try to wake up from this restless sleep and research the causes of the interference with a clear mind?
Your choice.
In the meantime, you might distract yourself a little with our Mental Age Test.

Personality Traits: Perception, Insecurity, Moderation
Name, the stage of drowsiness is definitely peculiar: there is a need to rest on one hand and the necessity to stay alert on the other hand. The result of this eternal conflict between sleep and wakefulness is that one rests badly and at the same time is never fully lucid. Sometimes you confuse dreaming with reality, sometimes you daydream, and reality seems, at times, like a nightmare and you want to go back to sleep. Your answers hint at a principle of doubtfulness, a mental itch, so to speak, sometimes even a desire to delve into certain phenomena in the hope of discovering something unseen. However, you have to come to terms with your rational mind, the one that would like to avoid all forms of insecurity and live peacefully by relying on the unquestionable certainties of scientific and technological progress. Certainties, or mere theories? Here, this is definitely one of the questions that sporadically, and moderately, seek your attention, whether you are aware of it or not. The truth is that there are very few absolute certainties, in fact we tend mostly to self-convince ourselves that our ideas and beliefs are right because they are shared and widespread. Doubts, on the other hand, are unsettling; when they begin to creep in, we risk losing control over them, and certainty eventually gives way to insecurity. Bad feeling, isn’t it? Yet, in those strange moments between sleep and wakefulness you feel there is more, something else, some mysterious thing that no one can convincingly explain to you. No, life is not just work, money, running here and there, doing and having…
Regardless, doubt and the desire for knowledge are the basis of what we all call progress, so perhaps it is not such a bad thing. Like it or not, scientific discoveries often arise from a distrustful attitude, typical of those who do not trust simple, comforting explanations. Imagine a world in which no one ever has any doubt: nothing would ever change, and life would soon become meaningless and boring…
Make way for doubt, then!

Personality Traits: Sensitivity, Uncertainty, Discomfort
Name, the stage of drowsiness is definitely peculiar: there is a need to rest on one hand and the necessity to stay alert on the other hand. The result of this continuous conflict between sleep and wakefulness is that one rests badly and at the same time is never fully lucid. Sometimes you confuse dreaming with reality, sometimes you daydream, and reality seems, at times, like a nightmare and you want to go back to sleep. Your answers suggest a certain emotional unease, resulting perhaps from a higher than average level of sensitivity, which feeds a strong sense of uncertainty connected to the need to seek a more authentic meaning in things. However, you have to come to terms with your rational side, the one that would only want to live peacefully and quietly relying on the unquestionable certainties produced by the human mind. However, what are such certainties founded on? Now, this is a question that comes knocking at the doors of your intuition from time to time, whether you want it to or not. As thinking beings we have an innate need for security, but we often tend to self-convince ourselves that our ideas and beliefs are right only because they are shared by the majority. Doubts, on the other hand, are unsettling; when they begin to creep up, one risks losing control over them, and confidence eventually gives way to hesitancy. Bad feeling. Yet you sense that there is more to it, something else, some mysterious thing that no one can really explain in a convincing way. No, life is not just work, money, running back and forth, doing and having…
Regardless, doubt and the desire for knowledge are the basis of what we all call progress, so it is not necessarily something negative all the time. Like it or not, scientific discoveries often arise from a distrustful attitude, typical of those who do not trust simple, comforting explanations. Imagine a world in which no one ever has any doubt: nothing would ever change, and life would soon become boring and meaningless…
Long live doubt, then!

Personality Traits: Skepticism, Depth, Persistence
Name, are you familiar with the movie called The Truman Show? Here, your score reveals a personality in the midst of research and discovery, much like that of the movie’s protagonist when he realizes that for a lifetime he has believed true what was fiction. The first stage of awakening is that of drowsiness, which is when sleep becomes lighter and you can confuse reality with dreams. You have already gone through this stage, and, like Truman, you are now transiting through the stage of awakening in progress. The next one is that of accomplished awakening, but for now it is best to focus on your intermediate position. You have given interesting answers, typical of those who are not easily misled and who can distinguish the true from the false. The fact is that when one begins to wonder about the meaning of things, this process raises more questions than answers. In the beginning it is a good exercise, which makes the mind more astute and cautious at the same time, except that at some point one has to put a brake on it to avoid getting lost in brainy thoughts and reasoning that are an end in themselves.
Now it is a matter of sharpening your sensitivity with the goal of getting to the point of producing questions that are gradually more and more fitting; you need to know that the process of awakening comes not so much through answers but through the ability to ask the right questions. Poorly asked questions lead to partial and unsatisfactory answers; well asked questions also make it easier to find the eventual answers. Let us give you an example: why are there so many people asleep? Try to answer that. Now rephrase the question this way: why am I waking up? Here, try to answer this last question and you will find the answer to the first one as well.
Happy waking up!

Personality Traits: Insight, Disenchantment, Integrity
Name, very good! Your spiritual search is paying off, it seems! Yours is quite a high score and not within everyone’s reach, in fact only about 6% of our users reach the last step of our Awakening Test. This does not mean that there are not further stages of awakening and awareness, but we will stop there for now.
Let’s get back to you. You are a psychologically evolved person with strong insight as well as strongly disillusioned. The illusions of the world do not have much of a hold on you, although you are aware that you cannot completely avoid the use of the tools offered by society, although you try to use them wisely. Your perception of the community, and more generally of the world, has changed significantly since you were a child; you know that everything possesses two sides, even and especially where the system tries to pass it off as good and desirable. Awakening means realizing that we live in duality, that good and evil are mental and not real categories, but also that there are numerous nuances between one extreme and the other. You have realized that ideals are important, as long as they do not become divisive, because otherwise you fall back into the perverse game of good versus evil. After opening your eyes, you can no longer pretend you cannot see, which is why you have decided to focus more on yourself and less on the outside world. You know that all possible varieties of the human soul manifest out there, from the most sublime to the most miserable, so you might as well look within, research yourself, be open to change, and automatically the external reality will adapt to your new awareness. You may have often wondered what sense there can be in pretending and lying in such a context. And the answer has always been the same: none, because fairy tales can fool the mind, but not our true Self. Once a truth is discovered, it becomes impossible to ignore it. So, if someone seems to take steps forward only to fall back into the illusions of the world, it means that their awakening was fake, another deception of the mind rather than an authentic motion of the spirit.
Happy continuation with awakening!

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